10 ways summer camp helps kids learn resilience

Summer camp helps children learn resilience.

Summer camp helps children learn resilience.

It is hard to believe–especially since it seems like winter only just left us behind–that summer is quickly approaching. And during this time when school is out of session, many families are looking at summer camps for their kids.

What makes summer camp so good for most kids? There are so many activities parents can do with their kids. But even when they have time and energy, it can be really helpful for children to have experiences away from their parents. And, camping can actually make kids more resilient and better problem solvers.

Here are 10 wonderful ways that summer camp builds resilience in kids:

1. The best summer camps offer opportunities for manageable amounts of risk and responsibility.
2. Kids are forced to make new friends.
3. Kids learn new skills camping, fire building, hiking, swimming–all without parents constantly watching.
4. Camp helps kids develop self-confidence as they develop new skills and discover new talents.
5. Kids gain a sense of fairness.
6. They get lots of fresh air and exercise.
7. They develop a sense of belonging to a group…camp songs and traditions.
8. There are opportunities for specialty talents and interests.
9. They learn diversity since camp gives them a chance to see how others do things.
10. Camp gives parents a great break as well. This is a definite bonus.

Some of my very best childhood memories are from the many summers I spent at Camp Naomi in Raymond, Maine. I learned so much. Hiked, canoed, learned to do back dives into the lake, learned wonderful songs and made amazing friends. I’d love to hear your camp experiences.


Photo by Camp Pinewood via Flickr

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  1. adrian small   April 28, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    I think your ten top ways that summer camp builds resilience in kids is brilliant.It just shows what these kids actually learn from summer camp