Forgiveness…The gift of inner healing.

I was recently asked to give a TV interview on the subject of forgiveness in relationships. It made me ponder, what does it mean to truly forgive? The concept of forgiveness is indeed a complex and delicate issue. We often hear people say, “I may forgive, but I will never forget.” Does this belief lead …[Read More]

Evil Energy Drinks

Yesterday I was examining one of the smaller bottles of “energy drinks” at the convenience-store check out counter, and the clerk said, “that’s for when you don’t have time to drink the regular-sized one”. I mentioned my concern about their drug-like quality, and she responded that she sometimes sees parents allow their kids to consume …[Read More]

Making Therapy Affordable

We all know that the economy has been in the dumps for the better part of a year, and there are few of us who have been unaffected by the downturn. Many of us have started slashing our budgets: no more movies, eating out, or manicures. We’re working more hours (if we can get them), holding onto our money, and according to the American Psychological Association’s 2008 survey, feeling more stressed than ever! Most people know psychologists can help folks manage stress and anxiety – but with the stranglehold we have on our wallets, who can afford therapy? The answer might surprise you. See below for strategies to make psychotherapy accessible and affordable on most any budget.

Kids and cell phones

It is amazing how much is now being written about cell phones and kids. Pros and cons are being discussed and special phones are now being marketed to fit comfortably in young kids’ hands. An April article by Susan Campbell in the Hartford Courant stated that 38% of 12-13 year olds had their own cell …[Read More]