When does “Old Age” begin?

A few weeks ago, a friend forwarded an article from USA Today that I thought was interesting and worth mentioning on the blog. The article referenced a study that asked people from different age groups at what point they thought “old age” began. Not surprisingly, the responses varied significantly and there was no real agreement on a specific number.

Domestic Violence: It is Closer Than You Think

Two weeks ago, Alice Morrin, a 43-year-old mother of two and a beloved employee of Fox 61 television in Connecticut, was shot and killed by her husband while still on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. Her two children were at home. He then killed himself. She had filed for a divorce in April.
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Have Fun Building Resilience

Most of us are familiar with the use of the word “savoring” as the sensual enjoyment of the taste, aroma, and texture of good food or drink. Gratitude and its related benefits are enhanced by the mindful savoring of any pleasurable experience, whether it’s a beautiful sunrise, a visit with family or friends, or of course, a good meal.

Summer Love: A Blueprint for Romance

What are some of the memories that quickly come to mind when you think of summer love? Many of us would describe summer romance as magical, unforgettable, carefree, breathtaking, and fun-filled. Perhaps all those adjectives fit its description because that is exactly its definition… a magically carefree, unforgettably breathtaking short-lived relationship with life-altering, long-lasting memories.