Self-Care for the Caregiver

Providing care for a loved one can be a full time job. In my day to day work, I have the unique opportunity to interact with many caregivers who have devoted their life to providing the care their aging parents or loved ones require. This can be one of the most challenging, and at the same time rewarding, jobs that I can imagine.

The First Step: Making Your First Appointment with a Psychologist

As a follow-up to my last post about the therapy process in which I wrote about how to obtain a referral for a psychologist, this time I am tackling the issue of what to do once you have found one (or two or three) that you are interested in meeting with.

How do I know what else to be when I grow up?

Earlier in the “work/life” blog, it was argued that a question such as “What might be next for me?” can serve as a periodic career “check-in” or can prepare a person for change, especially when change seems likely. How effectively a person answers this question depends a lot on self-knowledge and knowledge of the world …[Read More]

Surviving Your Child’s Transition to College

Every fall approximately two million high school graduates become college students in the U.S. and there are just as many parents who wonder how they are going to manage this new phase of their family life. Even when parents feel that their children are well-prepared to go to college, there are a number of concerns …[Read More]