Texting, Texting; Read All about It

I was sitting in my office the other day with a mother and her 11 year old daughter. I watched as the young girl held her cell phone and continued texting her friends as my conversation with her and her mom progressed. At some point I commented that her cell phone seemed rather important to her. She …[Read More]

Super Psychologists – Even Better Than You Thought!

Most people know that psychologists are experts in providing therapy or counseling.  We have all seen television shows and movies depicting a “typical” psychologist’s office on a “typical” day on the job.  Comfy couches, shelves full of books, and lots of pregnant pauses followed by insightful comments are what most of us think of when …[Read More]


The field of positive psychology looks to enhance good health with a focus on traits and behaviors that cultures through time have valued as worthy or virtuous. The practice of gratitude is a good example.

When It Comes to Healthcare Debate, Focus on Interests

As we have witnessed the past several months, during the debate over healthcare reform, it may feel like an emotional battle has ensued, leaving many with hurt feelings on each side of the debate. While it may not feel good, there is much to be gained from the presence of conflict.