Thanksgiving Perils and Plans

If one spent their whole time watching all the wonderful meals being prepared by the chefs on the cooking shows, they might forget that while this holiday is particularly special for many people, for some, it means obligatory and often difficult family time with relatives they don’t like. Having to spend time with an uncle who always gets drunk, the brother who molested you and made certain you never told or the parent that consistently puts you down can lead to terrible feelings of anxiety.

Young Women Coping with Breast Cancer

While most individuals cope very well with breast cancer at any age, the diagnosis, treatment and long-term effects are still difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Younger women with breast cancer may feel that their experience with the early and ongoing effects of breast cancer and its treatments is different from older women.

The 411 on Clinical Psychologists: Here’s the Truth

You may have seen articles in Newsweek and the Washington Post that claimed clinical psychologists were not properly trained to understand and use current research to help them treat patients. As a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for the past 23 years, let me shed some light on these provocative and misleading articles.

Kids Home Alone: A Phenomenon on the Rise

According to a 2009 survey conducted by Afterschool Alliance, one out of every four children (26%) nationwide return home after school and have no adult supervision.  This ‘kids in self-care’ phenomenon (also known as ‘latchkey kids’) is a growing trend and a source of great concern.
When we think of kids staying home alone, most of …[Read More]