Coping with Loss During the Holidays

For many people this time of year means a time of great joy and celebration. For many others however, the holidays are fraught with anxiety and sadness especially if they have had losses in the past year. Living through the holidays feels to some, in fact, like walking through a minefield.

Anxiety, Awareness, and Emotional Literacy

“What do you mean, ‘anxiety isn’t an emotion’?” That’s right, I told the client sitting in front of me. Emotions tell us something specific. Anxiety just tells us is that one or more REAL emotions are waiting to be acknowledged, understood, and possibly acted upon. Like the phone or doorbell ringing, there’s a message waiting …[Read More]

Joys of Grandparenting and Safety during the Holidays

Winter arrived at my house last night (Saturday). We awoke this morning to around 6 to 9 inches of snow and the sound of the snowplow in our driveway. In spite of the cold and all the work required to plow and shovel, the sight of the first real winter storm is always lovely. As …[Read More]

Generosity – Not Just For The Holidays

In moments of crisis or when we truly pay attention to human suffering, it seems as though a veil is removed and our humanity and caring is unmasked. This is especially the case during the holidays. People’s sense of warmth and compassion becomes evident through the selfless giving during these times.