Changing Directions: Finding Your Career Niche

The current unemployment rates and the financial hardships that many Americans are facing makes us all wonder when things will get better and what are viable options. Most of us know someone or of someone who is currently unemployed and not by choice. During these tough economic times, you may be considering returning to college …[Read More]

Tweens, Teens, and Technology

It’s no secret to anyone that technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our society.  And perhaps no part of the population has embraced our ever-changing technology as much as tweens and teens.  In fact, “embrace” might be the incorrect word as the youth among us seem to absorb technology – seemingly without even trying …[Read More]

Texting, Talking and Driving…an accident waiting to happen

I know I have written about cell phones. I have talked about the social and emotional problems that arise from poor judgment and immature behaviors. But, now I want to ask how many of you have taken Oprah’s pledge? For those of you that are uninformed and have no idea what I am talking about, …[Read More]

Who Benefits from ‘Friends with Benefits’?

I know that the idea of not having sex before marriage seems a bit old-fashioned for many. But–the concept of “friends with benefits” seems to me to be way over the top. Especially when I talk to many young teens who are engaging in this behavior.