Asperger’s Syndrome in “Parenthood” and Real Life

I am quite pleased that the new NBC series “Parenthood” is raising public awareness of Asperger’s syndrome. On this show, the parents, Adam and Kristina Braverman struggle to understand and provide appropriate care and schooling for their young son, Max.

Stress as a Status Symbol, Part 2

In my previous post I talked about how many of us have gotten caught up in bragging about the amount of stress we are under as a way to impress people.  We count the number of hours we spend in the car, on the laundry, at our kids’ schools, at our desk, and paying our …[Read More]

Impaired Health Care Providers

Alcohol and Drug Dependence does not discriminate. Contrary to popular belief, addiction among health care professionals is as prevalent as the general population, possibly even higher in some specialties (i.e. anesthesiologists).

Stress as a Status Symbol, Part 1

wonder: Has talking about our stress become a new type of status symbol? Just as driving a Lexus or belonging to a country club has supposedly equaled success in the past, is being “stressed out” now the same thing?