Getting Families Healthy and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Family health is important! This sounds simple and obvious, right? If it was that simple, two-thirds of our population would not be considered overweight or obese. That number doesn’t include the people who weigh more than they would like or who feel uncomfortable about their bodies, eating habits and level of physical activity.

National Senior Health and Fitness Day – Making Healthy Aging a Priority

You can’t turn on the television these days without hearing someone’s opinion on health care in the United States.

What A Psychologist Really Thinks About You

Going to see a psychologist is hard. Picking up the phone to make the appointment is tough, getting yourself to the appointment is even harder, and then actually opening up and talking once you’re there can be a huge challenge. When my clients talk to me about how tough it was for them to make that first appointment, one of the reasons they often cite is that they have been afraid of what I might be thinking about them. Below are some fears and truths about what psychologists really think about their patients.

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: Tips for Women and Families

While “baby blues” are common for new mothers in the first few weeks after delivery and typically go way on their own, postpartum depression and anxiety are far more serious, and often get worse without active mental health treatment. Women may notice symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety soon after after delivery or months later, but often are reluctant to seek help.