Keeping Your Cool in a Tough Economy

The latest string of bad economic news – long-term unemployment at record high levels, more foreclosures and few new jobs being created – spells continuing stress for many Americans and is contributing to their gloomy outlook about the economy. As a clinical psychologist, some of my patients tell me they feel like the folks who were trying to cap the oil spill in the Gulf–each day feels more disheartening and more overwhelming than the last. Being out of control to fix one’s life can quickly lead to anxiety, and even clinical depression, if left untreated.

Raising Healthy Kids in a Sexualized Media World

This week is Healthy Media for Youth Week (July 12-16), a week to draw attention to the impact that sexualized media images have on all of us, and in particular, girls and women. It also promotes national legislation to increase research, youth empowerment and media literacy programs, and create a Federal Communications Commission task force to help curb this serious issue.

Overnight Summer Camps… Excitement or Dread?

Summer is a great time to get the kids involved in activities they are often unable to do during the school year. These can include overnight summer camps. Choosing a camp that adequately fits your child’s temperament and their experiences with away-from-home stays is vital. Even though we may have forgotten, overnight camp is a big deal for tweens and even teens, and can bring about a range of emotions from excitement to extreme apprehension.