Making Your Marriage Work When You’re Unemployed

The subject of money in marriage is always a psychologically hot topic, and it’s even more of an issue during tough economic times.

When one partner loses a job, stress can skyrocket and have severe effects on marriage and relationships—not just a couple’s finances. In my practice I see many couples who are dealing with the job loss of a partner and the psychological effects can be cataclysmic, particularly when one of the partners becomes acutely anxious and is unable to manage feelings of fear, rage and helplessness.

Preparing Mentally for Disasters

September is National Preparedness Month, a designated time for people to take time out and plan ahead for emergencies at home, business and communities. September is almost over, but it’s important to always be prepared for a disaster. We often think of ways to prepare physically for emergencies—storing bottled water, having a first aid kit and making a contact list of family and friends.

It’s also possible to prepare psychologically. Each disaster is different and requires some flexibility to expect the unexpected. Yet, there are issues and emotional reactions that are consistent in most disasters and can be anticipated. The more you understand how an emergency can affect your thoughts and feelings, the better you can respond to the situation and regain footing.

Your First Session with a Psychologist…What to Bring?

Many of my clients start their first session by admitting how nervous they are to come see me. I usually respond by letting them know that it is completely normal to be nervous – who wouldn’t be? Here they are sitting in the office of a person they have never met, getting ready to share some of the most private parts of their lives.

Luckily there are things a new client can do to help manage the nerves of the first session. And one of those things is: be prepared. So in the spirit of preparedness, I have compiled a list of things you should bring to your first therapy session.

World Alzheimer’s Day Promotes Awareness

On September 21st, the Alzheimer’s Association promoted World Alzheimer’s Day as an opportunity to raise awareness about the disorder and highlight the need for more education, research, and support to help fight the disease.