The Challenge of Finding Meaning After A Suicide

Suicide is difficult to understand and even tougher to accept. Recently, we have heard in the news about a number of teen suicides. The most natural question is why? Unfortunately, the answers are almost always unsuitable and disheartening. What would drive someone to end their life? Although we might be able to identify a triggering …[Read More]

Tails from the Front: High Schoolers Thwart Cyberbullying

The stories of teens and young adults being bullied online are abundant and sad. But in the midst of tragedy, we’re seeing some good. And sometimes it’s even coming from the same technology that people are using to torment.

Celebrities are speaking out and producing videos for YouTube, sending messages to gay teens that “It Gets Better.” People around the country rallied online for “Spirit Day,” wearing purple on Oct. 20, showing their support of GLBT teens and awareness of the effects of bullying and suicide. Word of the event spread via Facebook, blogs and Twitter.

When I first wrote about the devastating impact of bullying earlier this year, I was unaware that bullying would soon hit me very close to home. A week later, my 15-year old daughter came home from her high school – Evanston Township, just north of Chicago – and mentioned that a group of students had put up a Facebook page called “Evanston Rats.” It was demeaning and humiliated students by name. The page was incredibly nasty, accusing other students of a variety of personal crimes, from stealing someone’s boyfriend to cheating on tests and much more.

Any Day is a Day for Depression Screening

Did you know Oct. 7 was National Depression Screening Day? Psychologists and other mental health professionals from around the country were on hand with questionnaires and other assessment tools that helped people know if their feelings or moods were an indictation of depression.
In Meriden, Conn., Dr. Elaine Ducharme spoke to a group of older adults …[Read More]

Teens, Suicide and Bullying

I am sure that most of you are as horrified as I am at the increasing number of media reports of teen suicides due to bullying. This past month alone, 4 teens have killed themselves in relation to bullying.