Finding Joy in the Holidays Without Going Into Debt

While over the past year Americans have responded to the lingering effects of the Great Recession by saving a bit more, the holiday season is at us full on, posing a real temptation to take out our credit cards–and possibly get right back into debt. Here’s a set of tips that’s designed to help …[Read More]

Enjoy People This Christmas: No Strings Attached

Keep it simple this Christmas through acts of pure generosity.

A Santa’s Dilemma: Being Healthy with All Those Christmas Cookies

What is a “Santa” to do? The children are counting on those clean plates in the morning as proof that Santa was there. Santa LOVES those cookies–it’s actually part of the job description, isn’t it?
And all that flying around makes Santa hungry. What’s the harm in eating cookies one night per year? It’s the holidays! …[Read More]

Children Making Their Lists… Parents Checking Them Twice

Ah… the holidays… a time of happiness and harmony, peace and goodwill…or are they? It seems that holidays have been become a source of great stress. For parents, holiday stress might be partly fueled by the idea that children must be given all that they want and even things they don’t. Parents go to great …[Read More]