Grief is a Normal Response to Death, Loss

When any form of catastrophe strikes—from household fires to major earthquakes—people are often bombarded with images of grief. We know that loss, while distressing and upsetting, is a natural part of life. But when it hits us unexpectedly, we can be overcome by shock and confusion, leading to prolonged periods of sadness.
How any one reacts …[Read More]

Self-Compassion: More Than You Might Imagine

I recently said some things to people in a meeting that I wanted to take back as soon as I heard the words leave my lips. In the days following that meeting, I felt guilty about it. Over and over, I imagined choosing a different path and having a different outcome.
Of course, I couldn’t go …[Read More]

Who’s in Charge? You, the Kids or the Dog?

It seems that lately I am hearing more parents complain they feel completely out of control. Basic things like getting the kids to bed and keeping them there through the night have become major events that take up the entire evening and leave parents feeling exhausted, frustrated and  mad at each other. Getting homework done …[Read More]