Mental Health Month Blog Party 2011 – Round Up

The party is hoppin’! Here’s a selection of some great stories from bloggers and writers attending our Mental Health Month Blog Party. Party attendees are dedicating a post today on their own blogs about the importance of mental health.
Thank you to everyone who is helping us increase awareness and recognize Mental Health Month.
We’ll be adding more links as …[Read More]

Today is the Mental Health Month Blog Party

It’s a Mental Health Blog Party, and you’re all invited. To RSVP, you need only to publish a post on your blog, dedicated to why mental health matters.
You can’t have good health without paying attention to mental health.  Here at Your Mind, Your Body, we talk about the importance of developing good mental health regularly. …[Read More]

Get On Your Boogie Shoes For the Mental Health Blog Party

The Mental Health Month Blog Party is tomorrow, and we’re psyched! Blog writers have already been publishing posts that talk about the importance of mental health awareness and good mental health.
We look forward to reading — and sharing — your posts tomorrow. Who knows what kind of difference it can make in educating more people and …[Read More]

Taking Stock and Balancing Our Lives for Mental Health

People often talk about their mental health in a number of ways
“I am overwhelmed…”
“I am going crazy…”
“I need a break…”
We have even gotten to the point where being stressed has become the thing-to-do. I have had people tell me that if they are not constantly busy, they feel as if they are not doing their …[Read More]