Just diagnosed with breast cancer? How to tell the kids

You’ve just received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Even before it all sinks in, you’re worrying about how to break the news to your family – especially the kids.
If you’re like most mothers, your first inclination is to protect your children. How can you tell them about your diagnosis without upsetting them? You can’t.
On the …[Read More]

World Mental Health Day

Your Mind, Your Body was delighted to find out that APA member psychologist Dr. John Grohol is building upon the success of Your Mind, Your Body’s last two Mental Health Month blog parties with today’s PsychCentral.com blog party in recognition of World Mental Health Day. We’re happy to participate and continue the conversation about mental health …[Read More]

Why the tears? Reflections on the death of Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs has had a profound impact on all of us. Most of us never knew him, never met him, but are feeling the loss on a very up-close and personal level. In fact, we do feel that we knew him. His very existence has had a profound impact on our lives …[Read More]