Do You Fall For Bargain-Pricing Tactics?

Pre-holiday sales are nothing new. But now merchants are sweetening the pot with extra discounts, bonus points, free shipping and more. 
If you’re not careful, your bargain shopping can be very expensive. My kids have heard me say many times, “Let’s leave the store now. I can’t afford to save any more money.”
Shopping is not a …[Read More]

Holiday Family Gatherings Trigger Old Sibling Rivalry

Going home for the holidays is almost like stepping back in time.
Although everyone’s older, and your former bedroom may now be used for other purposes, some things are the same — that creak on the fourth step; the old photos on the mantel; the smell of the basement, etc.
And you may notice that your behavior …[Read More]

What Parents Can Learn From Penn State Scandal

The media is on fire with discussions about the Penn State University sexual abuse unfolding before our eyes in central Pennsylvania. While we don’t know the outcome of this story yet, we do know that child sexual abuse happens everyday. While difficult for most of us to talk about, it’s something that we should all …[Read More]

Observing Grief

A look at the common experience of loss and some ways to heal through grieving.