Talking With Kids About Trauma

One of the teachers in my daughter’s school was recently in an accident. While she was able to come back to work after a period of time, she looked different and had some limitations in what she could do. As we all know, accidents are common and injuries happen.
When accidents happen, it’s important to talk to …[Read More]

Stress in America: Why It Matters

There has been a lot of buzz about the American Psychological Association’s recent Stress in America survey. Some question whether it really represents the state of the nation’s stress, others question whether or not we can really do anything about our stress, and some wonder if it even matters.
After all, everyone always has to deal …[Read More]

How to Get Healthier and Stress Less at the Same Time

When we are stressed we have higher levels of a chemical (cortisol) that damages our system. It’s like a little hammer chiseling away at our healthy insides. (Watch the effects of stress on the body with this cool graphic.)
The problem is that not everyone understands just how unhealthy this is on our physical health. Because of …[Read More]

Why Your Stress Problem is Everyone’s Problem

APA released its annual Stress in America survey yesterday, and we have again found that our nation is under pressure. Yes, average stress levels have declined somewhat from their max in 2007 and 2008, but that was at a time of extreme economic uncertainty when the housing crisis began to bubble, and the nation’s economy was …[Read More]