College Students Gone Wild on Spring Break

We have all seen the movies that glamorize spring break as a nonstop party for college students–a time to drink heavily and socialize. While your teenager’s spring break might not be as those portrayed in films or on TV, it is still a place where teens may participate in risky behaviors, partially because they feel …[Read More]

What You Need to Know About Willpower

Have you noticed the role willpower plays in your life? Have you tried to build up your own willpower?
Trying to lose weight, cut back on sugar, save more money, or prepare for a big test? If you’re like most Americans, you have struggled with the choices you make as you work toward a goal. Willpower is …[Read More]

Stress Levels Rise When Caring for Others

Caregivers typically report higher stress levels than other adults, according to APA’s Stress in America survey.
A lot of people don’t get what it means to take care of another human being. As kids, we don’t realize how hard it is to parent a child. And until you have cared for another ill or elderly person, it is often difficult to …[Read More]