From the Proposal to the Wedding to the Happily Ever After

You might be one of the 8 million people who have watched the video of Isaac proposing to his girlfriend Amy in a highly-choreographed routine. Some are calling it “the marriage proposal to beat” and asking if anyone can compete with it.
The proposal was undoubtedly a sweet and romantic moment in their lives (and thanks to …[Read More]

Prepare Now for Hurricane Season

(Guest post by Margie Bird, director of the American Psychological Association’s Disaster Response Network.)

As the start of hurricane season approaches, now is a good time to think of how you can successfully prepare to live through a major disaster.  Taking a few steps to become physically prepared not only meets basic survival needs, it also meets …[Read More]

TV Psychotherapy Often Gets it Wrong

Portrayals of psychotherapy are everywhere these days. NBC’s show “Awake” features a detective living in two realities after suffering a automobile accident with his wife and son. He visits a different shrink in each reality, one version where his son lived through the accident, the other where his wife survived.
In one reality, the female shrink listens …[Read More]

Diabetes Surgery: Do Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures?

(Guest post by Amy Walters, PhD, psychologist)

Type 2 diabetes is truly becoming a national health crisis. The Centers for Disease Control estimate more than 20 million Americans live with this metabolic disease which carries serious health complications if not properly controlled.
Diabetes is  a serious problem, and recently published research details the outcome of a serious …[Read More]