Olympics Are Much More Than Sports

The 2012 London Olympics have come to a close and what great games they were.  I love the Olympic Games (both summer and winter). It is such a wonderful sight to see athletes from all over the world, standing side-by-side, overcoming language, religious or political differences for the love of their sport. There is so much …[Read More]

Can Excessive Tanning Be an Addiction?

Remember the story of the New Jersey “Tanning Mom”? The news item was not her obviously over-tanned face, but allegations that she was putting her 6-year-old daughter at risk by subjecting her to a tanning salon. (Latest news is that she took a challenge to give up tanning for a month and is now “practically pale.”)
When …[Read More]

Poverty and Mental Health: What Is Not Understood Can Hurt

Researchers had college students watch different videos of the same fourth grade girl taking an oral achievement test. The only differences in the videos were subtle cues about her social class. Viewers who were led to believe she came from a low-income household assumed that her test performance would be substantially lower than those who …[Read More]