A Simple But Powerful Tip For Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever started on a self-improvement program, but given up out of discouragement at your slow progress?
A recent study on consumer behavior may have the answer. Researchers Minjung Koo and Ayelet Fishbach studied people’s motivation to return to a coffee shop when they were given a loyalty card (one that is stamped or hole-punched …[Read More]

“What Do I Say When Someone Asks Me If I’m A Shooter?”

Guest post by Frank Gaskill, Phd, a psychologist in Charlotte, N.C. Dr. Gaskill first published ” “What Do I Say When Someone Asks Me If I’m A Shooter?” on the blog for his group practice. It is republished here with his permission.

Tonight in my Asperger’s social skills group, one of my 9-year-old awesome Aspies asked me the …[Read More]

Power of Words Can Change Mental Health Stigma

Guest post by Mary Alvord, PhD, a psychologist in Rockville, Md.
It is human nature to make assumptions about tragedies like the one that happened on Friday in Connecticut, especially before all the data are in, and before a complete set of facts are available. But the quick act of jumping to conclusions could create even …[Read More]

Why Parents Need to Share Tough Topics With Kids

(Guest post by Robin Gurwitch, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Durham, N.C.)
As much as we would love to wrap our arms around our children and keep anything “bad” from ever touching them, we cannot. Children’s lives are touched by trauma on a regular basis. We were reminded of this fact by the horrific tragedy in …[Read More]