Dr. Chris Ebberwein

Dr. Chris Ebberwein

I am a counseling psychologist in Wichita, Kansas, where I’m the behavioral scientist at Wesley Family Medicine Residency program and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the KU School of Medicine – Wichita. I have a background in teaching and research in career choice and development, as well as in providing individual career counseling. Being a part of this blog lets me do some of the things I love the most—thinking about career issues and writing! That is, I like to write when I’m not spending time with my wife and four kids.

Posts by Dr. Chris Ebberwein:

Observing Grief

A look at the common experience of loss and some ways to heal through grieving.

Self-Compassion: More Than You Might Imagine

I recently said some things to people in a meeting that I wanted to take back as soon as I heard the words leave my lips. In the days following that meeting, I felt guilty about it. Over and over, I imagined choosing a different path and having a different outcome.
Of course, I couldn’t go …[Read More]

Enjoy People This Christmas: No Strings Attached

Keep it simple this Christmas through acts of pure generosity.

Getting Along With a Younger Boss

The difficult economic times seem to be coming to an end, or so we are being told. Employment is improving for some and people are finding jobs, even if the work isn’t their first choice. While there is security in getting a paycheck, there can also be apprehension if the job is in a new or different environment.

In the recent Stress in America survey, 76 percent of the Baby Booomer Generation (ages 46-64) reported money and job stability as a significant cause of stress. It can be challenging to take on a different role or to do work that you feel you are overqualified to do. And it may be difficult to feel comfortable and satisfied working for a boss who is younger than you.