Dr. Alan Keck

Dr. Alan Keck

I've worked for my entire career to educate the public about psychological well-being. My practice, the Center for Positive Psychology, is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, an Orlando suburb. We assist people with personal growth, normal and traumatic stress, and mind-body concerns.

Posts by Dr. Alan Keck:

Why Men Avoid Physical Exams and How They Can Be Motivated

June is Men’s Health Month, but why is there even a need for such an occasion? To keep up with Women’s Health Month? No, according to the Men’s Health Network, the purpose is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

What’s so different about the health of men? Unlike women, sadly many men take much better care of maintaining their vehicle than they do their physical body.

Mental Health Awareness and Parity

Probably the biggest news about this issue in recent memory is the passage of the latest Mental Health Parity Act, requiring insurance companies to extend the same level of benefits toward individuals’ mental and physical well-being. Some companies have raised rates to “compensate,” but the research has been very clear for decades that utilization of …[Read More]

Anxiety, Awareness, and Emotional Literacy

“What do you mean, ‘anxiety isn’t an emotion’?” That’s right, I told the client sitting in front of me. Emotions tell us something specific. Anxiety just tells us is that one or more REAL emotions are waiting to be acknowledged, understood, and possibly acted upon. Like the phone or doorbell ringing, there’s a message waiting …[Read More]

Holiday Stress–AGAIN?

Seems like this time every year we have a flurry of interest in this subject, but it seems more urgent this time around. For many people, the holidays have brought more misery than mirth, particularly since the ailing economy can’t seem to recover quickly enough and money worries remain on their minds. We hear that …[Read More]