Dr. Teri Bourdeau

Dr. Teri Bourdeau

I am a clinical assistant professor of behavioral sciences and director of the Behavioral Health Clinics at Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Sciences. In my clinical work, I specialize in health-related behavior change. I'm a founding team member of the Family Health and Nutrition Clinic at OSU-CHS and work with other healthcare providers to help patients make lasting lifestyle changes to improve their health. I'm especially interested in educating people and giving presentations on the importance of behaviors, emotions, and thinking on physical health.

Posts by Dr. Teri Bourdeau:

Conquering Your Physical Cliff

It’s a New Year and many people are considering making positive changes, yet get stuck reflecting on ones they have made in the past that failed.
You are not alone. Our government faced struggles in decision-making with arguments being lodged for change in multiple directions. Does that ambivalence and argument sound familiar?
Are you at a physical …[Read More]

Positive Lessons for Kids from The Hunger Games

Books have a powerful way of engaging our minds and emotions.
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is no exception. A friend recommended the trilogy to me and I read (OK, devoured) them while on vacation in February. The movie (based on the first book) arrived in theaters this past weekend. Viewers of all ages came …[Read More]

How to Get Healthier and Stress Less at the Same Time

When we are stressed we have higher levels of a chemical (cortisol) that damages our system. It’s like a little hammer chiseling away at our healthy insides. (Watch the effects of stress on the body with this cool graphic.)
The problem is that not everyone understands just how unhealthy this is on our physical health. Because of …[Read More]

A Santa’s Dilemma: Being Healthy with All Those Christmas Cookies

What is a “Santa” to do? The children are counting on those clean plates in the morning as proof that Santa was there. Santa LOVES those cookies–it’s actually part of the job description, isn’t it?
And all that flying around makes Santa hungry. What’s the harm in eating cookies one night per year? It’s the holidays! …[Read More]