Dr. Rosalind Dorlen

Dr. Rosalind Dorlen

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Summit N.J., and a on the staff at Overlook Hospital in Summit. In my practice, I work with teenagers, adults and couples with a special interest in helping people cope and manage chronic illness. I have lectured nationally and internationally and authored more than 50 publications on subjects including the stressful effects of the economic recession, terrorism and effects on children’s mental health, building resilience, and postpartum depression.

Posts by Dr. Rosalind Dorlen:

Moms feel anxiety, but why wine won’t help

Many moms of preschool/elementary school-aged children are overworked, over-scheduled, have over-scheduled kids and continuously feel they are not doing enough. Their levels of stress are over-the-top based, in part, on their unattainable high expectations of themselves.

When they’re not worrying about the health and well-being of their kids, moms are critically evaluating their parenting skills. For …[Read More]

Managing the stress of chronic illness

Emotional pain, fear, and sadness are common in people dealing with a chronic illness. In fact, one of the reactions to being diagnosed with a chronic illness is an intense wish to “return to normal” – to once again enjoy that sense of well-being you felt when your body was healthy.
If your disease has no …[Read More]

Can Excessive Tanning Be an Addiction?

Remember the story of the New Jersey “Tanning Mom”? The news item was not her obviously over-tanned face, but allegations that she was putting her 6-year-old daughter at risk by subjecting her to a tanning salon. (Latest news is that she took a challenge to give up tanning for a month and is now “practically pale.”)
When …[Read More]

Why the tears? Reflections on the death of Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs has had a profound impact on all of us. Most of us never knew him, never met him, but are feeling the loss on a very up-close and personal level. In fact, we do feel that we knew him. His very existence has had a profound impact on our lives …[Read More]