Dr. Rick Barnett

Dr. Rick Barnett

Dr. Rick has a private practice in Stowe, VT. He is an expert in the treatment of addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, etc..). He also provides individual and group treatment broader issues such as anxiety and depression. He holds a Doctorate in clinical psychology, a M.S. degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology, and a License in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Dr. Rick is President-Elect and Public Education Coordinator for the Vermont Psychological Association. Dr. Rick is an avid skier, tennis player, and runner.

Posts by Dr. Rick Barnett:

Impaired Health Care Providers

Alcohol and Drug Dependence does not discriminate. Contrary to popular belief, addiction among health care professionals is as prevalent as the general population, possibly even higher in some specialties (i.e. anesthesiologists).

Celebrity Rehab

For all of you Reality TV junkies, the latest season of Celebrity Rehab (Season 3), the brainchild of Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD, was no doubt a success.  It portrays and chronicles the addiction and early recovery process of several struggling celebrities with all the guilty-pleasure-sympathy-inducing drama that fans could hope for.  As a psychologist, one …[Read More]

Novelty May Help Prevent Relapse in Drug Addicts

The “real-life” suggestion that can be made is that certain kinds of drug users may be optimally treated using exposure to novel behaviors, sensations, activities or any combination.

Addiction in the News (Again)

While much of the press surrounding Michael Jackson’s untimely death has attempted to focus on his unparalleled talent and status as an entertainment icon, there has been a lot of focus on his alleged prescription drug abuse problems.  The tragic deaths of Elvis, Health Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and many other celebrities/performers have highlighted time …[Read More]