Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Stephanie Smith

I am a licensed psychologist and owner of Front Range Psychological Associates in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I help people with all kinds of issues, but particularly enjoy working with women.

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Grieving Cory Monteith and coming clean about addiction

It has taken me nearly two weeks since Cory Monteith’s death to write this post.  And I am still not sure what to say.
Regular  readers know that I am a Gleek. I have often written about the show’s messages about mental health and diversity. More than anything I simply love the characters and the music.
So, like many others around …[Read More]

Honoring TV shows, movies that help mental health

Most people are not attending conferences, reading journals, or consulting with psychologists regularly for news and information about mental health. Where do we mostly often see and hear of mental health?  TV and movies, of course!
At first blush this may seem like a bad thing: who wants to get health advice from their favorite sitcom? …[Read More]

Many Reasons Why Young Adults are Stressed

The American Psychological Association recently released its annual Stress in America survey.  The findings are chock full of interesting information about how Americans feel stress, manage stress, and are affected by stress.  Some of the data is even broken down by gender, region and generation.
This year’s findings suggest that Millennials (these are folks aged 18-33) are the …[Read More]

Learning is Hard and That’s OK

This morning the American Psychological Association (APA) released some new research – and it is now my favorite bit of parenting news. The study, out of France, suggests that when children become obsessed with success, and thus afraid to fail, their academic performance may actually suffer.  They surmise, in fact, that experiencing struggle and even …[Read More]