Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Stephanie Smith

I am a licensed psychologist and owner of Front Range Psychological Associates in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I help people with all kinds of issues, but particularly enjoy working with women.

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Many Reasons Why Young Adults are Stressed

The American Psychological Association recently released its annual Stress in America survey.  The findings are chock full of interesting information about how Americans feel stress, manage stress, and are affected by stress.  Some of the data is even broken down by gender, region and generation.
This year’s findings suggest that Millennials (these are folks aged 18-33) are the …[Read More]

Learning is Hard and That’s OK

This morning the American Psychological Association (APA) released some new research – and it is now my favorite bit of parenting news. The study, out of France, suggests that when children become obsessed with success, and thus afraid to fail, their academic performance may actually suffer.  They surmise, in fact, that experiencing struggle and even …[Read More]

Talking With Kids About Trauma

One of the teachers in my daughter’s school was recently in an accident. While she was able to come back to work after a period of time, she looked different and had some limitations in what she could do. As we all know, accidents are common and injuries happen.
When accidents happen, it’s important to talk to …[Read More]

What Parents Can Learn From Penn State Scandal

The media is on fire with discussions about the Penn State University sexual abuse unfolding before our eyes in central Pennsylvania. While we don’t know the outcome of this story yet, we do know that child sexual abuse happens everyday. While difficult for most of us to talk about, it’s something that we should all …[Read More]