Dr. Pauline Wallin

Dr. Pauline Wallin

I'm a clinical psychologist in Camp Hill, Pa., and author of the book, "Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-defeating Behavior." For more than 35 years I've been helping people figure out how to get unstuck and find joy again. Locally I work with individuals, couples, families and businesses. I also aim to help folks worldwide through speaking and writing, including this blog. The most rewarding aspect of my work is to see people recognize their own strengths and resilience. That's when real and positive change takes hold--and sticks. As president of the Media Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, my goal is to bring to light the many ways in which psychology can improve your life. Sometimes a small tweak can make a huge difference!

Posts by Dr. Pauline Wallin:

What the ads don’t tell you about holiday gifts

Gift buying season is in full swing. If you pay careful attention to ads and TV commercials, you’ll notice how little focus is on the product itself. Instead you are drawn to images of people and their warm interactions with one another–all designed to appeal to your emotions.
Whether the advertiser is selling fruitcake or diamonds, …[Read More]

Making the first day of Kindergarten easy and fun

For most kids the first day of kindergarten is an exciting time. But the transition can also be worrisome. It’s a big step for children and their parents.
Even kids who have been through pre-school know that kindergarten is an entirely different experience. They see references to kindergarten on TV and listen to other family members …[Read More]

Bouncing Back: Coping With The Unexpected

Just when life seems to be going smoothly, something happens to throw us for a loop – an accident, chronic illness, financial setback or a relationship breakup, to name a few.
These are the types of events that we cannot fully prepare for. But fortunately most of us have what it takes to deal with them.
It’s …[Read More]

A Simple But Powerful Tip For Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever started on a self-improvement program, but given up out of discouragement at your slow progress?
A recent study on consumer behavior may have the answer. Researchers Minjung Koo and Ayelet Fishbach studied people’s motivation to return to a coffee shop when they were given a loyalty card (one that is stamped or hole-punched …[Read More]