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The final post

After six years and publishing more than 300 posts from a variety of psychologists, we’re winding down this blog and will no longer publish new posts. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, shared and contributed to our events, such as the annual Mental Health Blog Month Blog Day.
If you’re looking for tips on …[Read More]

2 rules to use when talking to someone with dementia

As a geriatric specialist, I am often confronted with the issue of communication in dementia, both in my own interactions with the people I see and in the form of questions (and often pleas) from their loved ones and other caregivers.
Communication with someone who has dementia can require a great deal of energy, patience, and …[Read More]

Stress Levels Rise When Caring for Others

Caregivers typically report higher stress levels than other adults, according to APA’s Stress in America survey.
A lot of people don’t get what it means to take care of another human being. As kids, we don’t realize how hard it is to parent a child. And until you have cared for another ill or elderly person, it is often difficult to …[Read More]

Observing Grief

A look at the common experience of loss and some ways to heal through grieving.