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Suicide facts and stats tell us what it is, but not why it happens

Here are the demographic statistics for suicide: a 63-year-old white man living in the western United States exists is at highest risk.  Men kill themselves about four times as frequently as women. Of those who died by suicide in 2011, 78.5 percent were men and 21.5 percent were women.
These numbers do not tell us the …[Read More]

Trying to understand Robin Williams’ death and how to stop suicide

The world is reeling in shock from the death of Robin Williams. He was an amazing man–an icon. His popularity spanned generations. He had it all…talent, fame, money, a family and friends. Yes, he had it all…even depression and addictions.
The world is in mourning together. So many of us feel the sadness; as if the …[Read More]

Does your health insurance cover mental health treatment? The answer may surprise you!

Four years ago, in 2010, I wrote this about insurance coverage for mental health care:
“Mental health parity is real. It is happening. But depending on the kind of insurance plan you have and the kind of treatment you want, you may have to jump some hurdles to get the benefits you deserve.”
At that time, the mental …[Read More]

Why (and what) to tell people about your therapy

You’re in therapy? Congratulations for choosing to take this vulnerable, powerful journey toward healing and empowerment! You’re not alone, as around 10 million of your fellow Americans are traveling this road alongside you. I hope you’re making progress toward your goals, learning more about yourself and your fellow humans, and doing this all in a comfortable, …[Read More]