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If you want to know how I’m doing, look at my thumb: #mhblogday guest post

The following guest contribution is written by Kat Kinsman in recognition of Mental Health Month Blog Day. 
If you really want to know how I’m doing right now, look at my thumb. It always betrays me. My face will, from four decades of muscle memory, arrange itself in a way that will not cause you worry. My voice …[Read More]

Mental Health Blog Day – Links Round Up 2015

Welcome to everyone who is taking part in our mental health month blog day, our 6th annual event to help recognize May as Mental Health Month. We’ll update this page and blog throughout the day, recognizing you and other writers and contributors who are blogging and sharing for mental health awareness.
Thanks for joining us! Thank you to …[Read More]

How and why you should ease your Ebola fears

The Ebola virus sounds scary.  The headlines about the disease are frightening:  it can be fatal, it is spread through bodily fluids, there’s no vaccine.  The news reports can cause alarm, and misinformation can be easily spread through social media and other Internet sites. And now that a person treated in a U.S. hospital has …[Read More]

Taking a look at the facts of domestic violence/intimate partner violence

The world has now seen intimate partner violence splashed all over their television screens. Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked his fiancée unconscious in an elevator outfitted with a camera. Most people reacted with outrage to what they saw. But I have heard some say, “Well, she hit him first. She deserved it.” Others are …[Read More]