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9 steps for de-stressing a stressed-out teen #stressAPA


This week the American Psychological Association released the results of its annual Stress in America survey, a national survey regarding stress in the United States. This year’s report places a key focus on the stress experience of teens. I invite you to read the full report, but I will note a few summary points here.
Teen stress …[Read More]

Coping with the extreme cold weather blues

With temperatures plunging to record lows and with the continual barrage of cold, snow, and wind over the last several weeks, it’s no wonder that many people may be feeling irritable, helpless and even a bit sad right now.
Every year at this time, right after the holidays are over, many people experience the winter weather blues. The …[Read More]

What the ads don’t tell you about holiday gifts

Gift buying season is in full swing. If you pay careful attention to ads and TV commercials, you’ll notice how little focus is on the product itself. Instead you are drawn to images of people and their warm interactions with one another–all designed to appeal to your emotions.
Whether the advertiser is selling fruitcake or diamonds, …[Read More]

How to help a struggling friend when your advice isn’t enough #therapyworks

#Howto help when a friend or family member is in emotional crisis. #therapyworks— APAHelpCenter (@APAHelpCenter) November 10, 2013
If you saw your friend unable to walk because of a broken leg, you probably wouldn’t try to fix it yourself, and you probably wouldn’t tell your friend to just “deal with it and be strong.” No, …[Read More]