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Stress in America: A preview of this year’s survey #stressAPA

Tomorrow the American Psychological Association releases the results of its annual Stress in America survey. Since 2006, we’ve been surveying American adults, and sometimes children, about what is causing their stress, how they manage it, and what affect it has on their health.
This year, we also surveyed teenagers. There has been a lot of talk …[Read More]

What the ads don’t tell you about holiday gifts

Gift buying season is in full swing. If you pay careful attention to ads and TV commercials, you’ll notice how little focus is on the product itself. Instead you are drawn to images of people and their warm interactions with one another–all designed to appeal to your emotions.
Whether the advertiser is selling fruitcake or diamonds, …[Read More]

How to raise a thankful child

My Menurky is ready.  The unique menorah, shaped like a turkey, will be part of this year’s Hanukkah and Thanksgiving “crossover event.” This year, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlap and it will not happen again for 75,000 years!
Given the unique nature of the day, I started to wonder about how to celebrate both. There is the obvious: …[Read More]

Making the first day of Kindergarten easy and fun

For most kids the first day of kindergarten is an exciting time. But the transition can also be worrisome. It’s a big step for children and their parents.
Even kids who have been through pre-school know that kindergarten is an entirely different experience. They see references to kindergarten on TV and listen to other family members …[Read More]