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Give the personal touch for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day almost upon us, we are reminded that is a holiday for reconnecting with our mothers and, in effect, allowing us to also reunite with our entire family. It is a day we stop and thank our mother for all she has shared with us throughout our life, the gifts–both physical and emotional–she …[Read More]

What the ads don’t tell you about holiday gifts

Gift buying season is in full swing. If you pay careful attention to ads and TV commercials, you’ll notice how little focus is on the product itself. Instead you are drawn to images of people and their warm interactions with one another–all designed to appeal to your emotions.
Whether the advertiser is selling fruitcake or diamonds, …[Read More]

3 reasons you’ll benefit from family vacations

Most of us can conjure up some images of family vacations gone awry, but we can also look back at family vacations with great fondness and warmth because of shared moments with loved ones. I am not insinuating that family vacations are all fun and no stress–vacations can be quite stressful if you do not …[Read More]

Aim For Love Longevity This Valentine’s Day

When I thought about writing a post on Valentine’s Day and relationship tips, I asked my husband for his ideas. His response was “…Listen to your wife. She is always right!”
OK, so there may have been a tad of sarcasm in his response. But we have been together for a long time and have known each …[Read More]