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The final post

After six years and publishing more than 300 posts from a variety of psychologists, we’re winding down this blog and will no longer publish new posts. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, shared and contributed to our events, such as the annual Mental Health Blog Month Blog Day.
If you’re looking for tips on …[Read More]

Conversations we should be having about Ashley Madison

Even if we aren’t members of Ashley Madison, there remains a lot we can learn from the whole debacle. A good place to start is by using this story as a springboard for having some not-so-fun, but important discussions with the folks closest to us. Here’s a list to help start those conversations.

Taking a look at the facts of domestic violence/intimate partner violence

The world has now seen intimate partner violence splashed all over their television screens. Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked his fiancée unconscious in an elevator outfitted with a camera. Most people reacted with outrage to what they saw. But I have heard some say, “Well, she hit him first. She deserved it.” Others are …[Read More]

How a quick summertime getaway can boost your relationship

A weekend getaway can boost a couple’s intimacy both emotionally and sexually. Even couples who have low intimacy in their day-to-day lives can rekindle the spark when they are out of their routines. These are the very couples who bicker, connect mostly as “business partners,” seem to pass each other like ships in the night. …[Read More]