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Coping with conflicting emotions and grief after a suicide

Shock.  Disbelief.  Numbness.  Anguish.  Despair.  Loneliness.  Abandonment.  Grief.  Anger.  Guilt.  Emptiness.  Helplessness.  Devastation.
These are only a few of the intense emotions often experienced after a loved one, friend, colleague, or anyone you admire is lost through suicide.
You are not alone in experiencing a range of potentially conflicting emotions.  They may come and go in waves …[Read More]

Thoughts and behaviors for managing Tax Day stress

As a recent national survey from the American Psychological Association indicated, a great number of us are under significant stress, and not dealing well with it. With tax day stress looming here are some strategies for taking the edge off.
Using Coping Thoughts
Just like we can swap out an uncomfortable pair of jeans for a comfortable pair, we …[Read More]

Stress in America: A preview of this year’s survey #stressAPA

Tomorrow the American Psychological Association releases the results of its annual Stress in America survey. Since 2006, we’ve been surveying American adults, and sometimes children, about what is causing their stress, how they manage it, and what affect it has on their health.
This year, we also surveyed teenagers. There has been a lot of talk …[Read More]

3 reasons you’ll benefit from family vacations

Most of us can conjure up some images of family vacations gone awry, but we can also look back at family vacations with great fondness and warmth because of shared moments with loved ones. I am not insinuating that family vacations are all fun and no stress–vacations can be quite stressful if you do not …[Read More]