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A Simple But Powerful Tip For Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever started on a self-improvement program, but given up out of discouragement at your slow progress?
A recent study on consumer behavior may have the answer. Researchers Minjung Koo and Ayelet Fishbach studied people’s motivation to return to a coffee shop when they were given a loyalty card (one that is stamped or hole-punched …[Read More]

What You Need to Know About Willpower

Have you noticed the role willpower plays in your life? Have you tried to build up your own willpower?
Trying to lose weight, cut back on sugar, save more money, or prepare for a big test? If you’re like most Americans, you have struggled with the choices you make as you work toward a goal. Willpower is …[Read More]

How to Get Healthier and Stress Less at the Same Time

When we are stressed we have higher levels of a chemical (cortisol) that damages our system. It’s like a little hammer chiseling away at our healthy insides. (Watch the effects of stress on the body with this cool graphic.)
The problem is that not everyone understands just how unhealthy this is on our physical health. Because of …[Read More]

Get On Your Boogie Shoes For the Mental Health Blog Party

The Mental Health Month Blog Party is tomorrow, and we’re psyched! Blog writers have already been publishing posts that talk about the importance of mental health awareness and good mental health.
We look forward to reading — and sharing — your posts tomorrow. Who knows what kind of difference it can make in educating more people and …[Read More]