Celebrity Rehab

addictionFor all of you Reality TV junkies, the latest season of Celebrity Rehab (Season 3), the brainchild of Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD, was no doubt a success.  It portrays and chronicles the addiction and early recovery process of several struggling celebrities with all the guilty-pleasure-sympathy-inducing drama that fans could hope for.  As a psychologist, one could have a field day with character analysis.  As an addiction expert, the show highlights many important aspects of addiction and early recovery.  From Tom Sizemore to Dennis Rodman to Mackenzie Phillips to Mindy McCready, to name a few, viewers are exposed to the delusions of denial and the depths of despair.  The biological, psychological, emotional and social consequences of addiction are no less dramatic for “regular folk” as we experience in our daily lives or as portrayed in the series Intervention (A&E network).  Despite it’s obvious and shameless made-for-TV disingenuousness, Celebrity Rehab and it’s spin-off Sober House have merit.  At the very least, these TV shows bring attention to the insidious nature of addiction and the hope of recovery.  This may be a controversial subject for some but I’m interested to hear your comments.

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