Mental Health Blog Party Highlights – Chronic Illness

This edition of the Mental Health Blog Party highlights focuses on blog posts about life with a chronic illness, including cancer. The link between mental health and physical health is strong, and these bloggers share their stories on how their mental and physical well-being intertwine.

In the comments for this post, tell us how your physical health impacts your mental health and vice-versa.



Nancy’s Point – Cancer, Depression & the Fear Factor

We have come a long way, but there is a great deal more work to be done. Some of this work needs to be done in the field of cancer care. This is what I would specifically like to address a bit further. A cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on one’s mind as well as one’s body. I believe the mind is perhaps even more profoundly impacted than the body. The physical scars do indeed run very deep, but the “scars of the mind” are possibly etched in even deeper.

Make This Look Awesome – Mental Health Blog Party

Me personally? I’ve mentioned here that I have PTSD from my medical experiences. I can have panic attacks trying to see a doctor. It’s nothing personal: I don’t like doctors. I’ve been treated  horrifically, and I’ve nearly died twice: once from an adrenal crisis when my  blood pressure bottomed out, and second, from a MRSA infection following my  surgery. It would be abnormal to go through those situations, and not  have it affect your mental health.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer – Blogging for Mental Health

We now know that the incidence of depression following a cancer diagnosis is high. While most people will understand that dealing with a chronic illness like cancer causes depression, not everyone understands that depression can go on for many months and even years after cancer treatment has ended (one of the most frequent searches that comes up on my blog analytics is “depression following cancer”). What is even less well understood is the depression that seemingly comes out of nowhere for no apparent reason and there is less support and understanding for this.

The Pink Underbelly – Blog Party, APA Style

The topic of mental health is scary, uncomfortable, and unpleasant for a lot of people. Add cancer to the discomfort of mental health and watch people run screaming from the room or back away slowly, never breaking eye contact. Perhaps that’s part of why the APA is throwing the Mental Health Blog Party; to de-stigmatize mental health issues the way pioneers such as former First Lady Betty Ford and Dr Susan Love have taken the shame out of breast cancer.

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  1. kamar   June 29, 2012 at 1:18 am

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