Mental Health Blog Party Highlights – Therapists’ Self Care

Mental Health Blog Party BadgeThis Mental Health Blog Party highlights focuses on blog posts from mental health care providers, and how they keep themselves mentally healthy and balanced. Mental health professionals are people too, and even they have to work at managing stress, dealing with mental health issues, and keeping themselves mentally strong and resilient.

In the comments for this post, tell us what you do to manage stress, anxiety, or depression, and how you stay mentally fit.



Dr. Ann Becker Schutte – Blogging For Mental Health : My Time in the Dark

Today’s blog is my contribution to the blog party–a story of part of my life when I was most in need of mental health support.  I know that this is an unusual step for a psychologist to take.  However, I believe that each of us will face moments of absolute darkness and pain–and that we all deserve to have the support that we need to get through those times.  If sharing my story helps another person reach out for support, that is a wonderful outcome.

A Social Worker Believes – Your Therapist is in Therapy

“It’s okay to be in therapy.  Therapy changes my life…” That’s what I want to  tell people who come in to see me as their social worker and are “feeling weird” about the idea of therapy.  “I go to therapy too.” But I don’t say this. No,  because I think you may lose confidence in me if you knew… Stigma, it’s there.  A part of me is feeling weird about the idea of “being a therapist” for someone  else when I myself know I need therapy.

Private Practice Toolbox (a PsychCentral Blog) – 20 Ways Shrinks Stay Sane

While it’s an honor to be in a profession that focuses on supporting the mental health of others, being a therapist often requires regularly going to “dark” places with clients, and that can take a toll on our ownmental health. I wanted to reach out beyond my own experience to therapists around the world to see how they nurture their own mental health in a profession that can be emotionally and mentally exhausting.

Your Mind, Your Body (Dr. Elaine Ducharme) – Psychologist, Heal Thyself    

I am a psychologist. I love my job. But, sometimes it is hard. There are times when holding the very intense emotions of many people can become overwhelming and fatiguing. I have learned over the years, that I really need to take my own advice, listen to what I tell others, to maintain my core stability and not burn out.

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