Summer Love: A Blueprint for Romance

What are some of the memories that quickly come to mind when you think of summer love? Many of us would describe summer romance as magical, unforgettable, carefree, breathtaking, and fun-filled. Perhaps all those adjectives fit its description because that is exactly its definition… a magically carefree, unforgettably breathtaking short-lived relationship with life-altering, long-lasting memories.summer love

As I think of what contributes to the experience of a summer love, there are some factors that seem key to its essence. For one, we place little to no expectations on a summer romance. It happens in the absence of long-term promises; and it is taken at face value. We expect little and give abundantly.

Another aspect of summer love is that every moment is experienced as if it was the last. Nothing is taken for granted… it enjoys the rich beauty of actually being lived in the here-and-now. There is a painful, yet delightful awareness that it will not last forever. Its very nature makes us appreciate every moment.

A summer romance makes us believe in love. It gives us a reason to seek romance, to believe that we can find the right partner, and to allow ourselves to fall in love again.

If we lived our relationships as we did our summer romance, what would we change? How would we behave? What would we say? So often we are so blindly focused on the resentments, hurts, and perceived limitations of our partners that we forget to love them. We forget to be carefree, to have fun, to be unforgettable.

If you were to revisit the positive lessons learned from your summer love, would you love differently?

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