Therapy: Why Wait?

“How to eat less at the holiday buffet”
“Avoiding those extra holiday pounds”

December magazines, newspapers, and blogs are full of headlines like these.  Just as January headlines are often like these:

“Start the new year off right”
“Lose those holiday pounds by Valentine’s Day”

We know the holidays are a time when many of us overindulge and gain a few pounds.  And we know January 2nd is a time when many of us make resolutions about healthier lifestyles.  But what about mental health?  Is the pattern the same?  How many of us ignore signs and symptoms of psychological strife over the holidays–putting them off until after the new year?  Probably quite a few.

Worries about money, not feeling the requisite holiday cheer, coping with family drama, and pressure from friends and co-workers can plague anyone.  So why wait until after the first of the year to tend to your mental health?

Check out APA’s online resources for coping with holiday stress, read light-hearted tips for getting through December, or make an appointment with a psychologist in your area.  A professional can assist you in identifying strategies for managing stress and/or conflict.  Meeting with a psychologist a time or two during this season may be just what you need to ensure your holidays are indeed merry and bright.

Photo by ashleyrosex via flickr

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