Best Pre Workout for Women 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

With the best pre workout for women as part of your fitness regimen, you won’t have a problem maintaining a consistent level of energy, strength, and endurance during exercise. See, pre workout supplements could very well be your best bet to boosting stamina to enable you to achieve your goals every time you hit the gym. Even then, picking a supplement that is line with your needs isn’t always easy. When scouting for a pre workout, it is essential to consider your routine and type of exercise. Read the label to make sure that the ingredients will work for you…

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Tips for Back Pain Relief

Statistics indicate that as many as 31 million Americans are dealing with lower back pain. Sure, the numbers are shocking, but it is relatively easy to reduce the intensity and frequency of back pain. In fact, depending on the how severe your pain is, it can be as simple investing in a mattress that will help align your spine. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to become a victim of lower back pain. Bending your back to pick a pen on the floor, for instance, is enough to send a painful sensation through your spine. The biggest question…

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Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

We have handpicked the best office chairs for lower back pain, so if your line of work involves sitting all day, you need to read this. And, we did use the help of an experienced orthopedist to enable us to identify the chairs. The ergonomics of the chairs is on point as is the ability to prop up your posture. Reviewers praise them and have shared lots of positive vibes regarding what the chairs did to help boost their quest to counter the intensity of lower back pain caused by long hours of sitting. On top of that, we tell…

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How to Stop Snoring

Statistics show that up to 45% of healthy adults snore at least once in a while. In fact, there’s every chance that you know someone who snores, right? Snoring isn’t fun. It is a nuisance that can have you deal without obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that increases the risk of heart attack. Even then, it isn’t that hard to stop snoring. All you need to do is to know as much as you can, and you can enjoy, sound, undisrupted sleep night after night – and that’s what we want to help you do in this article. What is…

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Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

You’ve got to love Zyppah. Seriously! Everything about this snoring mouthpiece is on point, from the design to functionality and effectiveness. Did you even know that Zyppah is the name happy spelled backwards? Yes – that’s happy-Z for you. How about that! But, is this mouthpiece all hype and no substance? What follows is an in-depth Zyppah review and highlights that make it one of the best anti-snoring devices on the market. What is Zyppah? Well, Zyppah is an anti-snoring device. More specifically, it is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). What this means is that it stabilizes your jaw in…

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Best High Chair 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guides

To cut to the chase, you are here because you’re scouting for the best high chair, right? If so, calm down – this is the place to be! Here, we not only review the most sought after high chairs on the market but also share helpful information so that you can make the most out your chair. In essence, we help you make a purchasing decision from the point of information so that you can ultimately get value for your money. Why us? We have conducted extensive research on to come up with the best high chairs you can lay…

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Best CBD Oils 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The benefits of CBD oil are immense. Plus, in the wake of the legalization of cannabis and related products, there’s a sudden surge in the oil’s popularity. More than that, there’s dizzying information on what the best CBD oils are, it’s hard to process it all at once. Even then, this write-up will break it down, and simplify all you need to know about CBD oils as much as possible. We will focus on the types of CBD oils and concentration as well as various potencies available on the market. We’ll also tell about the medicinal value of the oils…

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Tweens, Teens, and Technology

It’s no secret to anyone that technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our society. And perhaps no part of the population has embraced our ever-changing technology as much as tweens and teens. In fact, “embrace” might be the incorrect word as the youth among us seem to absorb technology – seemingly without even trying or being conscious of the process.

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New Year’s Resolutions in the Digital Age-More Than Apps

Good news for New Year’s resolutions! You can now get help from mobile apps that send you reminders, keep you organized, keep track of what you eat, drink, smoke or spend, and monitor your exercise. There are thousands of apps for whatever lifestyle or health behavior you want to improve. See lists of some popular apps here and here. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is easier than ever … or is it? Like that treadmill gathering dust in the dark corner, mobile apps “work” only if you do. Technology does make certain tasks easier and more convenient. But no app…

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Poverty and Mental Health: What Is Not Understood Can Hurt

Researchers had college students watch different videos of the same fourth grade girl taking an oral achievement test. The only differences in the videos were subtle cues about her social class. Viewers who were led to believe she came from a low-income household assumed that her test performance would be substantially lower than those who believed her to be of a higher socioeconomic status (Darley and Gross, 1983). What does this say about our societal biases about socioeconomic status? Plenty…. Perceptions often influence us more than we think. The World Health Organization has described poverty as the greatest cause of…

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Best Foot Massagers 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we reveal (and review) the best foot massagers. We’ve scoured the market in search of top rated massagers and carefully analyzed what makes them really special. We sought the help of certified therapists to makes sure that this write-up is as helpful and factual as possible. And, it doesn’t matter whether you stand on your feet all day at work or are ailing from plantar fasciitis, the models in our collection will soothe your soles and soul (no pun intended). Our reviews include both high-end models as well as affordable massagers. We’ve sampled fully automated models too….

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Best Inversion Table 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Today, we tell you which the best inversion table 2019 is, the most-sought-after models, the features that make them tick and what choosing one model over the other means for your money. The truth is, inversion tables are a significant form of investment. Put differently; you will spend a little bit more on an inversion table than you would on most fitness equipment so you’d better have the correct info from the beginning. The point is, it is essential that you conduct some due diligence before spending your cash on a particular model. Why? Well, because you want to get…

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