A Kid’s Guide to Surviving Sleepovers

We all know that most kids love a good sleepover or slumber party. But what we don’t always remember is that they can be stressful too. I have heard kids complain that sleepovers “always end in drama” or that they are “never as fun” as they had hoped. I have even seen a few kids swear off slumber parties after having a few bad experiences!

I wrote an article earlier this week about how parents can prepare themselves for a successful sleepover. This time, I am focusing on what kids themselves can do to ensure a happy, drama-free event.

Be picky. One of the most common mistakes when planning a sleepover is to invite too many kids. Before sending e-vites to all the girls (or boys) in your class, consider who you really want there. Do you have a couple BFF’s? Stick with them and call the list complete. Too many kids can cause the potential for drama and chaos to escalate.

Think about the dynamics. Nothing hurts a sleepover more than attendees fighting, bullying, and/or ignoring each other. When deciding who to invite, consider how the potential invitees get along. Does everybody know each other? Instead of having one big party with lots of different groups of people, or people who don’t get along, think about having a couple different events (for example, one for your BFF’s from school and another with your friends from church or the neighborhood).

Plan something. Kids can usually find activities to do on their own at a party, but most kids agree that having at least one or two planned activities makes the event even more awesome. Cake decorating contests, scooter races, horror movie marathons – what would keep you and your buddies entertained for a few hours?

Crisis management. Even if you do your best to plan a super-fun, drama-free sleepover, there is the possibility that someone will get homesick or have an argument with another party-goer. Talk to your parents about how you should deal with it. It’s good to be prepared for these sorts of things.

Speaking of parents… What are your expectations for your parents during the party? Do you want them to be involved in the activities? Want them to stay in the basement and away from the action? Talk to your family well before the party starts so everyone can agree on what to do on the big day.

Is it really necessary? Sure, sleepovers can be tons of fun – but is it really what you want to do? Is there another way you could get together with your friends and have a good time? Think outside the box when it comes to party planning – you just may come up with the next new trend in birthday celebrations!

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