Mental Health Blog Day Round Up

Here’s a selection of some great stories from bloggers and writers who are dedicating a post for our mental health blog day party. Thank you to everyone who is helping us increase awareness and recognize Mental Health Month. We’ll be adding more links as the day goes on so let us know if you’re blogging for mental health. (UPDATED 1 p.m. EST, May 19) Good Company Blog – Psychologically Healthy

10 Tips for Managing Family Stress at Holidays

Holiday cheer…or is it holiday fear? While many of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of family to help celebrate the holiday season, many are dreading the same event. I have heard patients and friends talk about ways to avoid being with certain relatives who they know will be rude, obnoxious, drunk, or all of the above. This can get to be a bit tricky with in-laws and step families.

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