Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

We have handpicked the best office chairs for lower back pain, so if your line of work involves sitting all day, you need to read this. And, we did use the help of an experienced orthopedist to enable us to identify the chairs. The ergonomics of the chairs is on point as is the ability to prop up your posture. Reviewers praise them and have shared lots of positive vibes regarding what the chairs did to help boost their quest to counter the intensity of lower back pain caused by long hours of sitting.

On top of that, we tell you how to make the most out of what this chair has to offer. Most importantly, we show you what it takes to pinpoint an office chair that will serve your specific needs. That way, not only will you get value for your money, but you can choose a chair that actually works for your pain. Click through to see what we mean.

Top Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain 2019

1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

If you want a stellar office chair for back pain without leaving a hole in your wallet, this one by Duramont is a brilliant choice. Highly customizable, not only is it super comfortable but also offers excellent ergonomics. Those aren’t the only reasons we vouch for this chair. We take a closer look;


Stellar Flexibility

When we say that Duramont is highly customizable – we mean it, in every sense of the word. More specifically, you can fiddle with the headrest’s height angle as well as the lumbar supports depth. You can also adjust the armrest distance and height from the seat. On top of that, this chair’s design allows you to fine-tune the backrest tilt and the seat’s height as well as the tilt tension. What this means is that you will always find a comfortable position to prevent and ease the intensity of your back pain.

Incredible Back Support

The Duramont is all about helping you prop up your back. Other than allowing you to adjust the height, it comes with a recline function that will enable you to sit straight or tilt the backrest. That way, you can find a position that lets you sit for hours without straining your back.

Breathable Mesh

You can count on this chair’s perforated mesh to keep your back cool. The mesh allows air to circulate on your back to prevent sweating. And oh, setting up this chair isn’t hard work. It only takes eight simple steps to have it in place, a process that shouldn’t take you more than thirty minutes.

    • High-quality material
    • 330-pound maximum weight capacity
    • Super comfortable
    • Ideal for large individuals
    • Some users say it makes creaking noises as you lean back

2. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

If you have deep pockets and don’t mind to splurge, we recommend this chair by Ergohuman. Arguably the best chair for back pain in its class, this unit touts super thoughtful design to provide value for every buck it sells for. Here’s what makes it tick;


Three Adjustment Position Lock

Just like any office chair worth your money, the Ergohuman allows you to adjust it into a position that best suits your needs. It comes with a three position tilt clock that holds the chair to your preferred sitting position. And then there is the tension control adjustment to manage the force your body exerts on recline. The two functions, by extension, make this chair usable by people of different weights.

Integrated Pneumatic Cylinders

You can raise and lower the Ergohuman in a second, thanks to the pneumatic cylinder. All you need to do is to reach to the lever located below the seat at pull it up or down. How about the comfort you ask? Well, the backrest of this chair is adequately padded, providing enough lumbar support for long-term comfort.

Synchro-tilt Mechanism

One of the easiest ways to avoid lower back pain in the office is to sit upright. The Ergohuman seeks to help improve your posture via the exclusive synchro-tilt mechanism. The system ensures that you can seat correctly and get enough support, whether you’re reclining or sitting upright. Of course, you can adjust the height and pivot the armrests to enhance your posture even more.

    • Well-built
    • Strategically placed headrest
    • Meshed backrest
    • Brilliant back support
    • Doesn’t recline enough to allow you to take a nap

3. HULLR High Back Mesh Office Chair with Foot Rest

Don’t worry if you afford the Ergohuman office chair. HULLR offers an affordable alternative while still allowing you to enjoy the benefit of an ergonomic chair. The affordability aside; this unit packs enough functions to meet all your needs regarding preventing lower back pain in the office. Here’s what we mean.


No-frills, Easy to Use Design

You don’t have to put in a lot of work to make the most out of what your office chair has to offer. This one sports a simple build that makes it usable by virtually anyone who sits on it. It has a cleverly located lever to adjust the height and a swivel to allow you to access all corners of your work desk.

Integrated Foot Rest

The HULLR is in a class of its own – literally speaking. It is one of the few office chairs for lower back pain with a built-in footrest. Yes. In fact, this function makes it a great pick for events such as conferences that take a couple of hours or home office. Other than that, the footrest makes this chair an excellent choice if you have dexterity issues.

Super Ergonomic

The HULLR doesn’t fall short when it comes to making sure that you get the best sitting position possible. First off, you can recline the backrest or lock it to allow you to sit upright. It provides head support and is perfect for foot relaxation as you work. The mesh on the backrest brings in breathability and additional comfort. And for those who may want to know, the HULLR has a maximum weight capacity of about 170 pounds.

    • Easy to assemble
    • Footrest a nice addition
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Reclines for a quick nap
    • Affordable
    • The seat cushion could be better

4. Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair Computer Chair Desk Chair

The Sihoo will appropriately support your body for extended sitting sessions and keep lower back pain at bay. It flaunts a high back design that encourages a better flow of blood while promoting a good posture. And that’s not all there is to this chair. Here’s a closer overview;


Iconic Adjustability

The Sihoo is perhaps the most adjustable office chair on this list. It boasts two-way fine-tuning to support your lumbar and protect your spine. Meanwhile, the rotating multi-directional head pillow safeguards your cervical vertebra. And there is the 120-degrees back adjustment rest to correct your posture. Other notable highlights regarding adjustability include the handrail and the armrest.

Performance You Can Trust

You expect a chair as sturdy as the Sihoo to be sturdy, right? Well, this chair is as robust as they come. The frame is hardwearing to give you months upon months of use. The seat uses tensile strength materials and a good mesh net for durability. Also, the castor wheels are not only thick but smooth to allow you to move the chair from point A to B quickly without scratching the floor.

User-Friendly Design

Sihoo has the nod of the Ergonomics Application Association. In essence, what this means is that the human digital model inspires the overall design. In other words, the ridge backrest mimics that of a human spine. That way, you can bet that the chair aligns correctly to your spine and help release spinal pressure.

    • Innovatively build
    • Long warranty period
    • Incredibly comfortable
    • Reasonably priced

    • Some users feel that the seat cushion isn’t the best

5. Office Star ProGrid Back High Back Chair

The ProGrid wraps up our best office chair for lower back pain reviews. A moderately priced option, it comes with a proprietary design complete with a high-quality, adequately padded seat to foster your spine’s health. We dissect right through it;


One-Touch Adjustability

Want to fiddle with the ProGrid’s height to suit your needs? Easy! Reach for the easy to pull lever beneath the seat, and you’re good to go! You can adjust the chair from a height of 19.25 to 21.75 inches height. In the meantime, the tilt-tension knob allows you to rock back your chair whenever you want to take a break from the upright sitting position.

Breathable Lumbar Support

You don’t have to worry about your back getting overheated with the ProGrid. The heavy-duty mesh fabric at the backrest offers breathable support to ease the pressure on your spine. The padded arms rest enable you to relax your arms, thereby reducing fatigue and by extension increasing productivity. And then there is the black upholstery to add some style into your office setting.

Three Sixty Degree Swivel

The ProGrid can rotate all around, making it great for multitasking. Even more impressive, it comes with a durable titanium base with five legs for increased durability. Combine these with the dual wheel carpet casters and what you get is a chair that will service your office mobility needs whenever you want it to.

    • Comfortable
    • Very adjustable
    • Good back support
    • Easy to assemble
    • Stylish design

    • Not ideal for big bodied people

Why Does Sitting Lead to Chronic Back Pain?

Yes. Sitting for long hours can cause lower back pain. In fact, if you sit in an office chair for long, you may have to end up dealing with back pain for years to come. But, how exactly does sitting for long hour result in back pain? What follows is a closer look at the subject.

See, when you sit for more than five hours, your body tends to slouch. Now, keeping your body on a slouched position for hours exerts pressure on your spine. By extension, this puts pressure on your lumbar discs. The result? Well, you spine gradually changes its alignment from S to C shape. In this configuration, there is even more pressure on your lumbar disc wall, leading to conditions such as herniated or bulging discs. A C-shaped spine is also susceptible to the degenerative disc disease. Failure to treat these conditions causes irritation of your nerves and eventually chronic pain.

You have to sit upright to prevent back pain. Sitting in a bad posture causes your ligaments to overstretch. The ripple effect is that you laxity in your verbal column. As a result, your vertebrae may slide forward or backward, leading to excessive strain on your disc or nerve impingement.

It is for such reasons that you need to invest in a good office chair. The idea is to prop up your spine and by extension reduce the pressure exerted on your spine. In other words, the more the pressure on your back, the higher the likelihood of chronic lower back pain.

But, can an ergonomic chair help reduce the intensity of lower back pain? Most importantly, can it help prevent the pain? Yes, if you choose your office chair carefully, you can deal with your condition, allowing you to work for hours. We tell you all about it, next.

How to Properly Sit in a Chair to Reduce Back Pain

Even with the best office chair for lower back pain as part of your set up, you still need to know how to use it correctly to benefit from what it can offer. Of course, you will start by figuring out which height works best for your needs. Other than that, the positioning has to be on point too. These tips will help you make sure that your chair is as comfortable as possible to help reduce lower back pain.

How to Set the Elbow

Sit on your chair and make sure that you’re comfortable. You will bring your chair close to your desk in a way that ensures your upper arms are in line with your spine. Place your hands on your keyboard to see if your elbows are a ninety degrees angle. If not, consider adjusting your chair’s height up or down.

How to Set up the Thigh

You should be able to slide your fingers below your thigh at the edge of your chair if you have set it correctly. If not, consider propping up your feet using a footrest. If you are tall and there is reasonable space between your thigh and the chair, consider raising your desk or fiddle with your surface in a way that allows you to increase the height of your chair.

How to Set Up the Calf

Start by pushing your bottom against the back of your chair. Pass a clenched fist between the front of your chair and the end of your calf. If you have a problem doing so, it means that your chair is too broad. Therefore, consider adjusting its backrest forward and place low back support such as a rolled up towel or pillow. Alternatively, you can get a new chair altogether.

Setting Up the Low Back Support

Press your bottom against the back of your chair. Place a cushion to allow your back to arc a little bit to prevent you from slumping forward or slouching down. The idea is to create as much low back support as possible to reduce the amount of strain on your back. As stated, it is never a good idea to slouch or slump forward on your office chair. In fact, this is the primary cause of lower back pain after long hours of sitting.

Setting up the Eye Level

Start by closing your eyes while in a seated position. Your head should be facing forward. Open your eyes slowly and gaze at your computer screen. In case your computer’s monitor is higher than your gaze then consider raising or lowering it to reduce the stress on your back.

Setting Up the Armrest

You should set your armrest so that it raises your shoulders slightly. Keep in mind that your chair’s armrest is essential when it comes to reducing the strain on your spine shoulders. Besides, it is an integral part of propping up your posture by preventing slouching.

How to Choose the Right Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?

When you are in the market for a new office chair for back pain, you need to ensure that you choose one that offers everything you need to stay pain-free. These pointers will help you narrow down your options. As yourself;

Is the Chair Adjustable?

The number one thing that you should look for in an office chair meant to help you deal with lower back pain is its adjustability. In other words, you should be in a position to fiddle with the settings of the chair as much as you can. You should, for instance, be able to adjust the height and the backrest. Keep in mind that a good office chair is all about allowing you to find a comfortable sitting position for hours. And, the more adjustable your chair is, the more the likelihood it is going to offer the comfort that you’re looking for.

Does the Chair Recline?

Sure, you want to sit in an upright position to correct your posture and by extension prevent your back pain. However, there is more to an office chair for back pain than allowing you to sit in an upright position. At times, you want to recline to change your sitting position and stretch your back. Plus you can take a quick afternoon nap on a chair that reclines.

How Wide is the Backrest?

The backrest is an integral part of your office chair. It is therefore essential to ensure that the chair you plan to buy has wide backrest. At the very least, choose a unit that is 12 to 19 inches. Whenever possible, pick a chair whose backrest is separate from the rest of the seat. That way, you can change the backrest’s angle to suit your needs.

How About the Seat?

Other than the backrest, the ideal office chair for back pain should have a wide seat. You want a chair that can accommodate your body shape fully. Again, select a chair whose seat is 16 to 21 inches wide. Remember, you can measure the depth of the seat from the front to the back. The correct depth allows you to place your back against the backrest while leaving about two to four inches between the back of your knees and the seat. On top of that, the seat’s tilt on the front or back has to be adjustable.

Can the Chair Support Your Weight?

The last thing that you want is an office chair that can barely handle your weight. It is therefore essential that you consider the maximum weight capacity before buying any chair. Most models support a total weight of anywhere between 170 to 380 pounds. It is worth mentioning here that the more weight a chair can support, the sturdier it is. You can always check the maximum weight capacity on the product’s description. Never invest in an office chair that is too weak to allow you to tilt or move around with ease.

How Much Does the Chair Cost?

Yes. The cost of your chair matters. First of all, you can only purchase a chair whose price tag is within your budget estimates. Secondly, you can splurge on a high-end model if you have the money to spend or are after style. But, those aren’t the only reason you should consider the price of an office chair. It is critical to ensure that the unit you’re eyeing indeed offers value for your money. Look at the features the chair has to offer as opposed to how much it costs.

In Conclusion

We hope that your quest for the best office chair for back pain has been fruitful. In fact, we trust that not only have we helped you choose a chair that suits your needs but also provided helpful info that will enable you to make the most out of your chair. We trust that you’re now informed and will undoubtedly buy your chair from the point of information. On our part, we undertake to review the info provided here to make sure that this remains your to-go-to resource for anything regarding office chairs for back pain. Of course, we’d love to hear from you on how it went with the chair that you selected. For now, over to you!

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