Best Yoga Swings 2020 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best yoga swings are valuable yoga tools. They’re a must-have if you love aerial or hanging yoga, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. They are typically made of tough parachute material, which promote the longevity of these aerial yoga swings. These swings are also quick to install and use and are portable for bringing anywhere.

They offer plenty of benefits, including weight loss, back pain relief and improved posture, to name some. These tools also aid in promoting the safety of users that usually are performing different poses, easy and hard ones. Yoga swings can also promote relaxation and stress relief. Finally, these tools can promote overall health and wellness.

However, finding a yoga inversion tool/hammock/swing can be a challenge if you are unaware of what makes good ones special. What are the factors to look into when comparing your options? What are popular brands? There can be more questions in making a decision. It is why you have to spend effort and time when shopping around for one. See the following for help.

Top 5 Best Yoga Swings 2020 – Top 5 Reviews

1. YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze

Finding the best yoga swing can be easy with an idea of the best brands like the YogaBody. Through the years, it never fails impressing its customers from around the world. This YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze is one of the best offerings of this brand.

The yoga swing or inversion tool comes with a free DVD that you can use for your workouts. If you love an inversion therapy, you should not miss the swing that will help you relieve back pain. Without fatigue, you can also hold on to your backbend poses using this product that can improve your inverted backbends.

In addition, this product can help you set up within minutes using the YouTube tutorial videos that will teach you how to set this up. Speaking of setting up, you can do it in a tree or from an exposed beam. On the other hand, you can use the optional mount bar.

This product is also a quality professional grade yoga swing, which is the same used in many studios around the world. You can also choose this item for its reliability for your yoga workouts. It also comes with rubber handles that promote ease of use and safety using the yoga swing. Finally, it comes with 10 years of parts guarantee. What does that mean? It only means replacing the entire thing or any part of it in the event of mechanical issues.

2. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

One of the best choices for a yoga swing set to find is the UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in yoga, you will appreciate the tough construction and quality materials of this product. It is complete, too, so there is no need to buy anything else when you have selected it.

The Yoga Hammock/Sling Kit is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable tool for your antigravity hanging yoga sessions. Another thing that makes the cyan yoga swing unique is that it’s lovely in addition to being sturdy. It is made from top quality parachute material that promotes long-term use.

In addition, this item has comfortable and thick padded foam handles, which promote ease of use. It also has spacious seat that pushes comfort boundaries when you’re performing your exercises. These things make the yoga swing a top-rated choice among expert and beginner yoga practitioners worldwide.

Finally, it includes two daisy chains with 200-lb capacity, ensuring your safety for aerial yoga. Overall, the yoga swing is one of the best choices for many who want durable and quality swings that they can use for a long time for its premium materials.

3. Aerial Yoga Hammock – Premium Aerial Silk Yoga Swing

The Aerial Yoga Hammock is another decent choice for yoga swings on the market. It is made for long-term use for its premium quality materials that can last for many years. It is made of Tricot fabric, which is ideal for aerial silks that improve safety.

This material is also cool to the touch, too, promoting comfort while using the tool. In addition, the hammock has a shape that can conform to your body shape and provide it with a nice width. That said you could rely on the product for comfortable use whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

The yoga swing can offer a natural but not too much stretch. You will love it n matter you’re a beginner or veteran practitioner. In addition, this hammock is easy to use. It is pre-knotted, allowing you to start immediately. You can also adjust the strap on each loop easily.

The hammock can be set up from a tree branch or around an open beam. It can also be installed on 11-feet high hanging points. More so, this item comes with carabineers, extension straps, slings, set up guide and aerial silk fabric. It also features high weight capacity to ensure your safety while practicing on your hammock.

4. Yoga Trapeze

The YOGABODY is another top of the line choice in the category of inversion, swing and sling tool. You might want to check it out for its durability and quality that can last for years. Check out the following for what else to know about the swing.

This item comes with a free DVD, which is a great value for every purchase. It contains 14 different videos that you can watch so that you can learn various poses, such as Ferris Wheel, Hangman and Jackknife poses. The HD video instructions are easy to follow, allowing you to learn new poses for free.

This item is also easy to set up. You can just follow the YouTube videos that show you how to install the item in a tree or from an exposed beam. In addition, this product has a professional grade quality, so it is what professional instructors are choosing. It is made from top quality parachute, which has a weight capacity reaching 600 pounds.

This YOGABODY item is what you need to relieve back pain and improve your poses. You might want to check it out if you are looking for a durable and quality sling, swing or inversion tool. It is ideal for beginners and expert practitioners. Check it out yourself.

5. Wellsem Yoga Pilate Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock

While aerial yoga is beneficial, it can also be unsafe if you don’t use a durable yoga hammock or swing. That is why it pays off to select a top-grade hammock like this item. Don’t skip the WELLSEM Aerial Yoga Hammock when looking for the best yoga swing. Beginners and veteran practitioners choose it for its quality features and lasting durability.

It is made from quality hardware and material including a tricot elastic fabric. Choosing it, you can rest assured that you’re using a durable product that has a maximum dynamic load rating of 2000 pounds. It also has daisy carabiners and daisy chains approved for climbing standards.

This item also has a low stretch on all the vertical directions, while a high stretch on the horizontal directions. Using it, you will feel comfortable for your skin and body. Choose this yoga hammock if you want these features that make it ideal for beginners and professionals.

The yoga swing is also versatile that it can be laying or fully cocooned. You can select which the more appropriate one for you based on your needs is. In addition, this product can offer benefits for insomnia, anxiety disorder and weight loss. It is also good for stress reduction and back pain. Check it out for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Swings

In order to find the best yoga swing, you should spend effort and time in comparing and weighing your options. For help, you can check out the following for the things to look for when shopping around. Choosing the right yoga swings, you’ll have a satisfying purchase and ensure that you’re buying a durable and quality hammock or inversion tool.

With it, you can perform even hard poses with safety and security. You can also have peace of mind of using the inversion tool for the long-term and not having to replace it from time to time. Get started in the factors to consider in the following.


When shopping around for a good yoga swing, think about your plans for using it. Do you travel much? If so, you must consider the portability of the product. It must be easy to pack and carry anywhere that you want to go. Portability is an important consideration for easy carrying in a hotel or accommodation if you move much.

Weight capacity

You should also check for the maximum weight that the hammock, swing or inversion tool could handle. This matters for safety. How much is the capacity to take weight of the product that you plan to buy? For example, it must make you feel secure when using the swing especially when trying easy, hard or new moves.

It will make you feel safe that the swing can support you. That is why you have to choose a product that can handle your weight. Otherwise, it can compromise your safety and security.

As much as possible, you must look for yoga swings that can accommodate a wide range of user weights. There are good swings rated with a dynamic load rating of 2000 pounds. Finding a product that has a high load capacity, you can also make sure that it’s versatile for use by a wide range of users especially if you have a yoga studio.


What’s the size of the hammock or swing? Can it hold your body’s size? It is essential for improved safety and security. Know that these items are available in different sizes. For this reason, you must be able to choose one that can support your entire body weight horizontally and vertically. Or else, you might feel discomfort if the hammock is too large or too small.

Setup and weight

In addition to the above, you must be able to pick a hammock or trapeze that is quick to install. It shouldn’t be just easy to carry anywhere but also to install. No one wants a yoga hammock that takes forever to set up, anyway. For this reason, you must be able to find a swing that is quick to set up. It must also be lightweight so that it is easy to carry anywhere you exercise and travel.

Parachute material

When finding a good yoga swing, you should also be able to look for material. Ideally, it must be of parachute material, which is known for its strength. It is long lasting and heavyweight. Choosing this material for your yoga swing, you can rest assured that the swing will last longer.


When shopping around for a good swing, you must also take safety into consideration. Remember, you will be using this equipment for inversion and hanging poses. Thus, you must find one that is safe and secure to use. That is why you must look for products made from high quality and durable materials. The overall design must also offer safety for the user. You can start with the above reviews for reference in choosing yoga swings that are safe to use.


There you have what to know about the best yoga swings and how to choose the right one. Again, consider certain things that include the portability, weight, material, safety and installation, to name some. If you do, you will be able to make a better choice because you can weigh your options better.

With the right swing, hammock or inversion tool, you’ll have a more rewarding yoga session. So even if you’re a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner, you should be able to buy a good hammock or swing for your sessions. To get started, let us help. Get started comparing the best ones by reading our buying guide and reviews. Buy a yoga swing today!