Best Foot Massagers 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we reveal (and review) the best foot massagers. We’ve scoured the market in search of top rated massagers and carefully analyzed what makes them really special. We sought the help of certified therapists to makes sure that this write-up is as helpful and factual as possible. And, it doesn’t matter whether you stand on your feet all day at work or are ailing from plantar fasciitis, the models in our collection will soothe your soles and soul (no pun intended). Our reviews include both high-end models as well as affordable massagers. We’ve sampled fully automated models too….

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Best Inversion Table 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Today, we tell you which the best inversion table 2019 is, the most-sought-after models, the features that make them tick and what choosing one model over the other means for your money. The truth is, inversion tables are a significant form of investment. Put differently; you will spend a little bit more on an inversion table than you would on most fitness equipment so you’d better have the correct info from the beginning. The point is, it is essential that you conduct some due diligence before spending your cash on a particular model. Why? Well, because you want to get…

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Best Massage Chair 2019 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we will help you pinpoint the best massage chair. And, we’ve done enough research to back up that claim. All the chairs in our collection come with super-thoughtful features to give your body an invigorating muscle rub-down after a long day of work. Chiropractors recommend them for aligning the spine and reducing the intensity of pressure on your nerves. With these in your home, you’ll never have to complain about back pain or aching joints. Plus, you’ll have a convenient place to relieve stress right in the comfort of your living space. And, we didn’t choose any…

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When You Can’t Stop Worrying – Tips for the Ruminator

You can see how rumination can create a cycle that seems impossible to break out of. But there is some good news. While rumination can cause clinical symptoms, it’s also a behavior that can be changed—with the right help. It’s not enough to just talk about your problems. You need to learn techniques to halt the ruminating thoughts. That’s how long-term change can take place. Here are some tips for ruminators –and you know who you are–gleaned from Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema and my own experience in helping those who seem to let their worries control them. Worry the right way Who…

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Why the Flu Can Make You Feel Blue

This flu season has arrived with a vengeance and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already declared it an epidemic in at least 41 states. If you are suffering from this nasty strain, you know that flu symptoms can include intense ache, painful joints, fevers, loss of energy and no appetite. But did you know that the flu might also be responsible for a cranky mood? Researchers at Vanderbilt University now believe depression may be triggered by our bodies’ immune system as it attempts to fight off the flu. The immune system releases chemicals called cytokines to help…

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Many Reasons Why Young Adults are Stressed

The American Psychological Association recently released its annual Stress in America survey. The findings are chock full of interesting information about how Americans feel stress, manage stress, and are affected by stress. Some of the data is even broken down by gender, region and generation. This year’s findings suggest that Millennials (these are folks aged 18-33) are the most stressed of any generation surveyed. APA also reports that these young adults haven’t found much success in relieving their stress. In digging through APA’s reports and the data within it, I started wondering why this might be. I didn’t have to…

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A Kid’s Guide to Surviving Sleepovers

We all know that most kids love a good sleepover or slumber party. But what we don’t always remember is that they can be stressful too. I have heard kids complain that sleepovers “always end in drama” or that they are “never as fun” as they had hoped. I have even seen a few kids swear off slumber parties after having a few bad experiences! I wrote an article earlier this week about how parents can prepare themselves for a successful sleepover. This time, I am focusing on what kids themselves can do to ensure a happy, drama-free event. Be…

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Honoring TV shows, movies that help mental health

Most people are not attending conferences, reading journals, or consulting with psychologists regularly for news and information about mental health. Where do we mostly often see and hear of mental health? TV and movies, of course! At first blush this may seem like a bad thing: who wants to get health advice from their favorite sitcom? Mindy Kaling may be funny, but a mental health expert she is not. On closer look, however, we find that TV shows, movies, and other forms of media can be fantastic ways to learn about psychological health, treatment and resources. Watching our favorite TV…

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Psychotherapy

Depression and anxiety are common, affecting millions of adults in our country. And many people who need professional treatment don’t get it. But for those who do seek help, the first course of recommended treatment is often medication. But there is another treatment choice available to everyone: Psychotherapy. Not only has research shown that psychotherapy is effective in treating certain types of psychological problems, it also teaches skills that arm people with new strategies to deal more effectively with problems if they arise again in the future. The next time you feel anxious, depressed or need help managing difficult times…

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Mental Health Month Blog Party – May 16, 2012

Thanks for the great turnout this year. You can find this year’s participating blogs on our 2012 Mental Health Month Blog Party links round-up. Mental health affects everyone and everything we do. Yet, mental health is a topic many don’t feel comfortable discussing. Join us on May 16, 2012, to spread the importance of good mental health and reduce its stigma. How can you help people recognize the importance of good mental health, overcome stigma, and seek out professional mental health services when needed? Join us on Wednesday, May 16, and publish a post on your blog about mental health’s…

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