Factors to Consider When Buying a Wig or Hair Extension

The human hair is the crowning glory of a person, but once the hair is beset with problems like hair loss or thinning, it becomes a source of insecurity. This insecurity usually undermines self-confidence and may eventually impede the realization of a person’s full potential.

Medical science, of course, is still grappling for the ultimate cure to hair loss. It had made great progress in the last seven years, but it still needs to convert its scientific findings into palpable clinical benefits. Until then, we still don’t have the ultimate cure for hair loss.

But we can assuage the impact of hair loss by availing of human hair wigs and hair extensions! Of course, not all who wear hair enhancements like wigs and hair extensions are losing their hair; some simply want to improve their looks!

Factors to Consider When Buying

There are myriads of wigs and hair extensions on the market today and this fact makes it a bit difficult for buyers to choose the right hair enhancements for their use. Additionally, hair wigs and extensions come in the forms of colored human hair, dreadlock extensions, human hair extensions, bundles with closure, and human hair weave. Hence, to help you easily figure out the ideal wig or hair extension for your use, we’ve delineated here some succinct tips for you to consider when buying wigs and hair extensions:

1. Consider the Type!

When buying wigs or hair extensions, you certainly have two basic options: human hair or synthetic! The human hair, of course, consists of natural-looking locks of hair that are derived specifically from natural human hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs or extension are artificial and synthetically made. They also come in various textures allowing you to have a variety of choices. Moreover, they are cheaper than human hair wigs and extensions.

2. Consider Quality!

There are myriads of brands and models of wigs on the market today, and this makes it difficult for buyers to choose the ideal ones for their use. If you are buying online, for example, you can check the reviews given by previous and present users of wigs to figure out the quality of the wigs. Buying online, of course, has its disadvantage for you will have no chance beforehand to inspect the quality of the wigs until it is delivered to you. It would be more advantageous if you can actually fit the wig so that you can test its quality and see if it suits you before paying for it.

3. Check its Texture!

When buying a hair wig or hair extension, you should carefully check its texture. Synthetic hair has a different texture and each synthetic hair wig differs from each other. Additionally, some wigs come in body wave, curly, deep wave, loose deep, loose wave, natural wave, or straight texture. So, when buying, check if the texture would readily blend with your natural hair. You can also check the inventory of online stores to see if they have something that blends well with your skin tone.

4. Consider the Length!

This factor is also very important when buying a wig or hair extension. Wigs and hair extensions come in different length. Some wigs come in full head up to 3/4th sizes. While some wigs come in 10 to 14 inches, 10 to 20 inches, 10 to 24 inches, etc.

Some wigs also come in different styles. Some are bob cut and some are long and straight. So, before you zero in on a certain type of wig, you should consider the amount of hair length that you would like to don. You should also carefully consider your style and personality.

5. Consider the Aspect of Hygiene!

Hygiene is an important factor when it comes to buying a wig or hair extension. Wigs and hair extensions can readily become dirty and greasy after several usages. Wigs can also become breeding grounds for unhealthy microbes. Hence, you should choose a wig that is washable so that you can cleanse it from time to time without damaging it.

6. Consider the Price!

More often, your only limitation when buying a wig or hair extension is your budget. Your budget usually determines the type, quality, and style of wig or hair extension that you can buy. Many quality wigs are very much expensive and belong to the upper range of the price spectrum. But as you move toward the lower end of the price spectrum, you will discover that the quality of wigs also diminishes. If money isn’t an issue for you, therefore, you should always buy the best wig or hair extension on the market today.

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